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A wounded Vietnam veteran builds a guitar as a first step toward rebuilding his life. A young man is ejected from the foster system and hitchhikes his way across America in search of that elusive feeling of home. An unsatisfied twenty-something questions her relationships and imagines other possibilities. A single father struggles to come to terms with his daughter’s growing up. A street musician touches people with her words and her music.

Morris by Chris Kuell is a collection of fourteen powerful stories brimming with evocative landscapes and memorable characters. Navigating desire, despair, healing, and love—the residents of this collection are all searching to better understand themselves. Woven together through the universal thread of music, these stories, witnessed by a well-worn guitar, expose insecurities and highlight the power of endurance and personal transformation.

Book cover of Morris by Chris Kuell

Praise for Morris

"Chris Kuell's Morris is an atmospheric and insightful debut story collection written in an utterly American voice. The remarkable range of stories told by characters from 60's hippies to modern-day musicians and the soldiers who made their--and our--freedoms possible demonstrates Kuell's keen observation of humanity in a hilarious, heartbreaking, and needful exploration of the human heart."

- Rhonda Browning White, author of The Lightness of Water & Other Stories 

"Chris Kuell tells these stories in language at once confident and gentle. The guitar handcrafted in the first story begins life as a gift for a lost love and incarnates throughout the collection, often at length and occasionally in cameo. Kuell’s stories are gifts for the reader, the best of them tinged with familiar aches that are not quite nostalgia but more like laments for the endless ways life is more difficult than it needs to be."

- Geoffrey C. Fuller, author of several books, including the NYT bestseller Pretty Little Killers

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