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Bad Blind Moms Episode 9: Meet Good Blind Dads Greg DeWall, Chris Kuell, and Ross Pollpeter

"In honor of Father's Day, Bridgit and Stacy talk with good blind dads Greg DeWall, Chris Kuell, and Ross Pollpeter. Society often assumes that fathers take a secondary role in the raising of their children. Mothers are often asked if their husbands "help out with the kids." (And if you want to consider how sexist that question really is, would you ever ask a father, "Does your wife help out with the kids?" ) People also make ableist assumptions about the capabilities of blind parents in general. We talk with Greg, Chris, and Ross about how they as blind dads defy the low expectations they are held to both as dads and as blind parents. They discuss their favorite parts of fatherhood as well as the challenges they face. They also talk about the many ways they share their favorite activities with their kids, as well as how they encourage and support their kids in their own interests and hobbies."

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